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"The real boss of a company is the consumer"


sg media + marketing GmbH
Christoph-Probst-Weg 3
20251 Hamburg

phone: +49 40/80 60 90 60
fax: +49 40/80 60 90 69

email: info@sg-mm.de

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DDV Ehrenkodex

Online Market Research
Online Market Research
In the field of market research, our reach offers you
an excellent panel for conducting your individual poll

We can meet your demands in an optimal way through
tests of advertising media, product polls or branding

Online market research is characterized by high
flexibility, fast results and cost-effective
implementation, thereby making prompt analysis,
reaction and optimization possible.

Email Marketing

Own exclusive addresses, and a high-quality partner network with up to 20 million opt-in contacts for successful email marketing.
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Address Generation

Effective and qualified customer acquisition by Coreg, co-sponsoring or surveys. We generate high quality leads for you.
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Display Advertising

Flexible and short-termed we implement your display campaign in our network. Try us without any risk and at attractive conditions.

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